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Repair Leaking Roof, Brampton, ON

5.0 rating
May 16, 2015

In June and July it is difficult to find a roofing company to come and look at a small job. I finally selected a company that came right away. Within 1 minute on the roof they said the boot/seal around the bathroom vent was leaking and said that fixed will eliminate the leak. They said cost would be $250. They also said the shingles were worn and I should get a new roof (only 10 years old). I said no not right now. They finished in about 20 minutes, got paid and left. Next 2 days it rained most of the time and my roof still leaked and now did extensive damage to the ceiling, wall, hardwood floor and garage ceiling. I called the company that fixed the roof and got a recorded message. I didn’t wait and I scurried to find another roofer and found one on Homestars. Kingdom Roofing. Spoke with Elkin who said would come as soon as rain stopped. He did phone next day to verify if OK to come and asked what color our shingles were. He arrived on time with a helper, They checked the roof and advised there were several areas in the leak vicinity that needed repair. Piece of flashing missing (never installed by builder), Flashing separated from wall, shingles lifted- due to water getting under and freezing, small cracks in seals and even bare wood exposed in one area (probably by raccoons). Elkin took pictures of the damage and showed me the exact damage and said would cost $350. I agreed and 1 1/2 hours later he finished and picked up all the old shingles, nails, paper etc, gave me a written bill, got paid and left. I anxiously waited for rain and about a week later it rained almost all day. DRY AS A BONE-no leaks. Good work Elkin and a big relief with much thanks. The other roofer did finally show up and said I should have taken his advise and put up a new roof. He never offered to refund the $250.

Peter Dockalek from Toronto


5.0 rating
May 16, 2015

I had issues with my ceiling and after contacting several “roofing companys and handymans” they couldnot resolve it .. i heard from a friend about Kingdom roofing ltd, now i am a very happy customer of theirs. No issues with my ceiling any more due to the roofing repairs .. they catched the issue and resolved it. Thanks you so much guys.

Adriana from Mississauga