5 Tips to Extend the Life of your Roof 

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  1. Have your roof inspected, specially after a storm

During the summer we experience heavy rains at any time. Strong winds and heavy rains can certainly compromise the integrity of the roof as it can sustain minor, unnoticed damages, which can escalate and become a leak or present other issues. We recommend that you reach out to a roofing professional in order to schedule an inspection to ensure the safety of your home.


  1. Address water intrusion immediately

Something as simple as a wet spot on the ceiling may be indicative of a roof leak. We suggest that you address these types of issues immediately so that they are fixed sooner rather than later. A minor roof leak will only get worse as time passes.


If you run into a leak during your roof maintenance, make sure to have all of your AC lines checked if they are running through the attic space, sometimes the lines may leak and make it seem as though you have an active roof leak. This is crucial during the hot summer months when the AC is working harder and the rains are more prominent.


  1. Address any signs of roof damage or broken tiles promptly

As with water intrusion, signs of roof damage should not be taken lightly, but rather approached in a preventative way. A broken or cracked tile can indicate damage to the underlayment of the roof depending on what caused the break. The longer a roof damage goes unattended, the more susceptible your roof becomes to the elements, which can lead to further damages and leaks.


  1. Do not walk on the roof

This is something that may be done more often than not and you may be unknowingly compromising the integrity of your roof. Walking on a roof may cause unnecessary strain on the structure if not done by a roofing professional. If you need to get a closer look, we advise using a ladder instead.


  1. Clean your gutters

Gutters should be cleaned at least once a year in order for heavy rains to flow off the roof smoothly; otherwise, you may experience accumulated water on your roof, which can cause a roof leak. Gutters may need to be cleaned more often if trees are nearby.


Contact a  professional roofing company every 5 years in order to perform preventative maintenance.

If you have an asphalt roof, you should consider coating the roof with elastomeric or silicone. These coatings will extend the life of your flat roof by 2 years or 5-10 years, respectively.


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